“Sign a Vote for Independence” the new campaing lauched by the Catalan National Assembly arrives to Melbourne.  The first collection of signatures will take place on Sunday 22th June at Casal Català during the celebration of Saint John’s Eve. The aim is to rally international support so that Catalans can vote on their political future.

This campaign started in Catalonia, and spread quickly, reaching more than 30 countries around the world including cities such as New York, London, Luxembourg and now Melbourne.

“Sign a vote for independence” will allow Catalans residing abroad as well as foreigners to support this cause. All Catalans over 16 can sign providing a passport that states are being born  in Catalonia or an ID with a Catalan address, expired documents will be accepted. Foreigners with right to vote to the Catalan Parliament can sign as well providing the CERA.  In addition, all australians or people from other countries that want to show their support can sign too.

Showing one of these documents is compulsory. 

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