Sunday 15th of February, we will be getting together to celebrate the “Fundació del Casal” picnic as we do every year.  We hope for as many people as possible to participate, both young and old. It is for this reason that we have changed this year’s location. We will gather from 12pm at Princes Park, Carlton North.

To change things up a little, we are thinking of celebrating with a paella. Plates can be purchased for   $3. Everyone who would like to help cook is more than welcome! Depending on how many people attend it is likely that there will not be enough paella for everyone, so everyone should either bring their own food and drinks, or arrive promptly!

The park has a playground for the kids, a picnic area, toilets and barbecue facilities. We hope the weather is agreeable.

This year marks the 29th anniversary of the picnic where the idea to establish the Casal Català was born.