• The Centre aims to promote Catalan culture through the celebration of our main festivities and traditions which are open to all who want to participate. The Casal’s annual program consist of several festivities which include Saint George’s Day (Diada de Sant Jordi), Saint John’s Eve (La Revetlla de Sant Joan), la “Castanyada”,  Christmas Celebration, Casal’s birthday and Catalan National Day. We also get [...]

  • The group “Mainada del Casal” meets once a month and tries to keep Catalan language among the little ones. We have some volunteers committed to this group who prepare songs, games and other educational activities.  The children are from 2 years to 7 years old. The Centre has as well a collection of Catalan books [...]

  •  ” Close your eyes and visualize a sailing boat named Flanders leaving Marseilles arriving in Sydney on the sixth of March 1854 and immediately boarding another boat to Melbourne arriving on 14 March 1854. This is how Peter Gras y Fort who originally came from Vilaseca in southern Catalonia arrived in Melbourne. To my knowledge [...]

  • Discover an ancient language spoken by 10 million people in the world. The language spoken in Catalonia, one of the most prosperous and worth visiting areas of the Mediterranean.  Find out what the real Barcelona speaks and what Catalan represents for its culture. How? Small groups Courses from beginners level through to advanced Conducted by [...]

  • Made in Catalonia Film Festival is an established film festival which promotes the extraordinary lively film culture of Catalonia. The Festival provides a window to discover more about Catalonia and it is the only Catalan film festival in Australia. MICFF 2014 MICFF 2012 MICFF 2009 MICFF 2009 Sydney MICFF 2009 Brisbane MICFF 2008