Below you will find some materials about Catalonia and Catalan culture in English. In addition, you will find some websites and resources to explain the Catalan sovereignty process to the world.


catalonia at a glance


CATALONIA AT A GLANCE- Edited by Catalan Government this is a book for all who want to discover Catalonia in all its different aspects.  Available in different languages. We have some samples at Casal.





WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CATALAN CULTURE?-In this poster you will find the most typical traditions, festivities and famous people from Catalonia. Edited by Òmniun Cultural in several languages. You will find it very useful to explain our culture and what it represents to those who don’t know anything about it. You can get some samples from Casal, just ask us for them!



diplocattDIPLOCAT- In the portal of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) you will find all the information and up-to-date news about them and the activities that they carry out in regard to the international projection of Catalonia. The mission of DIPLOCAT is to disseminate the reputation and international projection of Catalonia by exporting an accurate knowledge of its unique assets and values in order to promote its internationalisation. They also promote the catalan sovereignty process.


11s CATALAN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY- On September 11th 2012, around 1.5 million people filled up the central avenues of Barcelona in the largest demonstration ever held in the city. The 2012 Catalan independence demonstration, organized by the Catalan National Assembly, a broad and non-partisan movement born out of Catalan civil society, marked a turning point in the relations between Catalonia and Spain. On this website you will find the latest news about this issue and interesting materials to explain why Catalans want the independence for their country.




DO YOU WANT TO STUDY IN CATALONIA? Check this website and discover how!