• To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Casal Catala de Victoria has organised a very special Christmas Picnic. The day will begin at 11.00h in the Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy, with the famous Caga Tio for all the children. As Tio knows it is a special year, he has eaten even more than usual and is bursting [...]

  • This year the Casal Catala de Victoria, has organised a full day of activities as part of the Catalan National Day This day will start with the creation of the freedom way at Docklands Park at 12.00pm, for this event we recommend to bring white T-shirts and the Catalan flag (estelada) for those who have [...]

  • We are already in the month of June and Saint John is upon us, the shortest night of the year in Catalonia. Night of bonfires and firecrackers, a warm and festive night which welcomes the Catalan summer. Here in Melbourne we have prepared a very special get together. This year, we celebrate Saint John at [...]

  • As always, it is our pleasure to announce the presentation, which is one of our favourite events of the year, the celebration of Saint Jordi’s day. We will be meeting Sunday the 26th of April at the well-known Melbourne book store “Readers Feast”, at 5 in the afternoon where amongst roses and books, we will [...]

  • Sunday 15th of February, we will be getting together to celebrate the “Fundació del Casal” picnic as we do every year.  We hope for as many people as possible to participate, both young and old. It is for this reason that we have changed this year’s location. We will gather from 12pm at Princes Park, [...]

  • This year, we are taking advantage of the celebratory Christmas Picnic (to which you are all invited), by having it coincide with a Roller Hockey Day organised by the Catalan junior hockey coaches, who are eager to introduce this sport to any willing child, followed by a seniors exhibition match between Catalonia and Australia. The Christmas picnic will proceed [...]

  • November 16

    In our next meeting on Sunday 16 November at the Casal Catala we will celebrate the Castanyada. As per last year, we will celebrate this event together with the kids group ‘La Mainada’. At 2pm the little ones will meet at the Casal and will learn to cook ‘panellets’. Adults are also welcome if they want to learn how to [...]

  • September 14

    The year 2014 will mark the 300th anniversary of the events of 11 September 1714. For that reason, the Catalan Centre of Victoria wants to celebrate this Catalan National Day with a little exhibition about 1714 and about our language. The celebration will include music, Catalan food and a special activity for the little ones [...]

  • To support the V that will be held in Catalonia next 11th of September and coordinated with dozens of cities around the world, ANC Australia in collaboration with the Catalan Cultural Centre of Victoria will make a V in Melbourne Sunday 31rst of August at 12 pm at Birrarung Marr, 5 minuts walking from Federation [...]

  • The Annual General Meeting will be held at Casal on August 3d 2014. We encourage all of our members to take part and to build together Casal’s future. If you want to be part of the Committee you can send the following nomination form to the Casal no later than one week before August 3d. [...]