Last 23rd of June we celebrated the Revetlla of Saint John’s Eve here in Melbourne. This festivity that welcomes the summer in the north hemisphere represents the beginning of the winter in our Australian city and members and friends of the Casal gathered in Ross House to celebrate it.

The event was presided over by Marina Mateos, the Catalan Cultural Centre’s Vice President, who explained the origin of the tradition. Our guests also enjoyed a special food tasting with our “cremat”, “bunyols de vent”, “coques”, “cava”, hot chocolate and another sweets.  The room was decorated with lanterns and garlands and we listened some Catalan music and watched some videos about bonfires and fireworks. Finally, Catalan sailor songs, known as “havaneres”, were sung.  A corner for the kids with some books and paints was set up as well.

The celebration was a success and brought together more than 75 guests with a high participation of young people. Most of the guests were from Catalonia but there were also people coming from Australia and New Zealand .

Watch the video event