The Catalan Government has launched a volunteer and personal register of citizens living abroad that might be used for the self-determination consultation vote, scheduled for next November 9th. The register  is addressed to citizens who are Catalans, according to the Statute of Autonomy. That is, who hold Spanish citizenship, who reside outside of the Spanish State, and who were last registered in a municipality in Catalonia, as well as their children. There are approximately 200,000 people who fit this description.

The registry opened on June 3. Using the definition for Catalan citizens in the Catalan Statute of Autonomy, it can be inferred that
registration will require providing a valid copy of the ID card or passport, the certificate that verifies residence abroad, or any official
documentation that verifies the last residence in a municipality of Catalonia.

The inscription procedure will consist of a preinscription via the website (within the website of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and of
the European Union) and the subsequent mailing of the inscription form and required documentation to the Incoming documentation
register of the same Secretary.We encourage you to register in this link.